Case Studies

Wome Deluxe

5M impression, 500+ Leads

New kind of guests. We built a microsite that reflects the hotel’s most loved values features, using our advertising network, we reached out to clients from over 7 countries, not only virtual leads, but real guests…


10M impression, 700+ Leads

Personalized approach to best in class customers. With help from our Arabic team we built a microsite based on high standards customers. Rich information, engaging visuals, regionalized content, and personalized ads were the guiding principles of the campaign strategy. device due to the site's responsive design, which provides users with an application-like experience.w

Ekose Petroleum


As Ekose broadened their brand, we worked together to redesign their new logo to reflect that. We wanted the visual identity to better represent the company’s values. That became the main theme of the new Ekose logo redesign.

Ekose Petroleum

Completely redesigned website

We've already worked with Ekose Petroleum before, and this time they came up with the idea of making a better, improved website to present their services and field of expertise. And that's exactly what we did.

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